Synergy 2017

Synergy Theater Festival 2017

The Festival’s mission is to unite professional theatre artists whose belonging to a national/ethnic minority translates into an artistic practice in the language of that minority. This would be an opportunity for the exchange of concrete artistic and cultural experience, in the scientific/academic context of a festival. In other words, a part of the festival programming will be dedicated to a roundtable of professionals and experts discussing the influence of minority groups on their larger national context, how much the two shape, change and redirect each other in the light of a historical, political or cultural moment and given their complex historical, political and cultural heritage.

Novi Sad centar


Synergy#WTF, the theater festival on the world’s national/ethnic minorities, is the brainchild of Valentin Vencel, the director of the Novi Sad Theatre / Ujvideki szinhaz. The Theatre is in charge of managing the project, and is also the festival location, with the first edition of the Festival slated for October 2017.


The Festival is founded by the City of Novi Sad, as part of its candidacy for the European Capital of Culture in 2021. The Festival will be realized annually, in October, and will be non-competitive.

Photo: Srđan Doroški