THE SEAGULL, Hungarian Theater from Târgu Mureș/Romania

6 October 2017 – Serbian National Theater, 18 hours

THE SEAGULL, Hungarian Theater from Târgu Mureș/Romania

A.P. Čehov:


The “Miklos Tompa” Company of the National Theatre in Targu Mures, Romania



Director: Atilla KERESZTES

Set design: Viola FODOR

Costume design Bianka IMELDA JEREMIAS

Music: Csaba BOROS

Assistant Director: Franciska KERESZTES



Arkadina: Erzsébet B. FÜLÖP

Treplev:  László Zsolt BARTHA

Sorin: Lajos MAKRA

Zarechnaya: Noémi KÁDÁR

Samrayev:  András GYÖRFFY

Polina Andreyevna: Ágnes LŐRINCZ

Masha: Andrea VARGA

Trigorin: András KORPOS

Dorn: József BÍRÓ

Medvedenko: János HENN

Yakov: Csaba SALLÓS


Duration: 2 hours and 40 minutes with a break


About the play

“I have talked a great deal about new forms of art, but I feel myself gradually slipping into the beaten track,” admits Treplev in the last act of The Seagull. The more one tries, the more tragic the discovery of the meaninglessness of life is.

But what is the thing that gives meaning to life?

Some of the characters in The Seagull find the answer to this question in creating – some in conformity, some in departing from traditions – and there are some who find no way out, or never seek it at all, or are simply disinterested.

The typical setting of Chekhov’s dramas, a house in the countryside and a distant metropolis, either provide the piece with a meaning or complicate it. The major discussion here is about the thin line between an artist’s talent or the lack thereof.

Chekhov’s stranded, tormented characters are involved, on top of everything, in intricate love relationships, where each person sees their loved one as a saviour. However, it seems there is no salvation…


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