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Synergy World Theater Festival 2017


Synergy # WTF is created to gather professional theater artists in one place from the communities in which they live and create in the languages ​​of the national communities to which they belong. This will be an opportunity to exchange the most concrete artistic and cultural experiences. The festival will study this cultural variety at the scientific level. Namely, one of the programs of the festival will be a symposium in the area of interaction between minority communities and the domicile center, how they shape, change, direct the most concrete historical, political and cultural moments in the context of a very complex historical, political and cultural heritage.


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Professional theater troupes and theaters, which are an authentic artistic expression of minority language communities in the countries where they live (outside their country of origin), can participate at the festival. The basis for selection is the European map of minority languages:


The Synergy # WTF Festival of the Language Minorities of the World Synergy # WTF was designed by Valentin Venencel, director of the Novosadski Theater / Ujvideki Szinhaz, the project leader and the place where the festival is held on October 2017. The founder of the festival is the City of Novi Sad, which included this project in the project of the candidacy of Novi Sad for the European Capital of Culture in 2021. The festival will be held every year, in October, and will be of a review character.

Photo: Srđan Doroški

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