Five extraordinary productions by minority theatre companies from the world over will be presented at Synergy#WTF festival’s first edition in Novi Sad next October. The festival organizer, Ujvideki szinhaz, will be hosting a Russian theatre company from Kazakhstan, Hungarian and Jewish companies from Romania, a Serbian company from Hungary and a Turkish company from Macedonia. In the period between October 3rd and October 8th, the audience will be treated to the Kazakhstani production of Mankurt, Romanian productions of Dybbuk and The Seagull, the Macedonian production of Othello and the Hungarian production of The Gospel According to Saint Andrew. The creators of the festival are the director of Újvidéki Színház, Valentin Vencel, and the general manager of the festival, Orsolya Freytag. A workshop will be held over the course of the festival, the results of which will be presented at the festival’s closing on October 7th. Moreover, the festival will feature discussions, as well as an academic conference on the topic of linguistic minorities and their place in the European cultural context, as well as the place of their respective languages within the majority cultures they live in.

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