State academic Russian drama theatre named after M. Gorkiy invites media representatives to a closed preview of the premiere play “Mankurt. Eternal slave.” Author and director of the play is the famous Tajik playwright, director, actor, Barzu Abdurazzakov. The capital theater will show the play in the framework of the State program on combating religious extremism and terrorism.
Theatrical performance “Mankurt. Eternal slave” combines the immortal works of Chingiz Aitmatov, albert Camus, George Byron, Venedikt Erofeev and Evgeny Schwartz and is able to change the world’s vision and to draw the viewer’s attention on the circumstances that push a person to become weak-willed novice and blindly follow someone else’s ideas.
Astana Gorky Russian Drama Theater held a bright premiere. The play, which opens up new dimensions of art, was presented to the audience. The author, the director of the play “Mankurt. Eternal servant” is the famous playwright from Tajikistan Barzu Abdurazzakov. 
Combining immortal works by Aitmatov, Camus, Byron and Schwartz, the director created a massive canvas covering the time span of several hundred years. The plot tells about a man who forgot his ancestors, national history and tradition. Becoming a mankurt, he became dangerous to the society. The premiere staggers people’s imagination and makes their open eyes to the problems of modern society. BARZU ABDURAZZAKOV, DIRECTOR, TAJIKISTAN: We were thinking more deeply, we wanted to analyze the roots of terror. This is ideological terror, mental terror, and personal terror. We have tried to look at terrorism from different points of view. And then on the basis of the mankurt we began to collect materials. Courageous scenography solution, original costumes and unusual musical arrangement also complement the semantic idea, laid by the author in the play. SERGEY MASHTAKOV, ACTOR, GORKY RUSSIAN DRAMA THEATER: We held many discussions. We were fortunate to have such a wonderful director, who was invited by the theater. It is an amazing experience; it is a master-class. I learned a lot for myself. The director has taught so much, he explained how to play better.

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