Opening of the festival

Performance of KAL band

Festival Synenergy, Novi Sad/ Serbia, 18th of November 2019, 19:00



Kal (meaning “black” in Romani) is a world music Romaniband from Serbia (originally from Valjevo, now based inBelgrade). They attracted Serbian and worldwide publicinterest with their eponymous debut album, released in2006, presenting a blend of traditional Balkan Roma music with influences of Tango, Middle Eastern, Turkish andeven Jamaican influences.

Kal was formed in 1996, and they participated in severalcompilation album with other Roma, Serbian and worldmusic performers. Their first national TV appearance wasin a B92 show Timofejev in New Year’s Eve 2006, wherethey presented their unique style.During 2006, Kal toured over a hundred concerts worldwide, including most of the European countries and United States. They participated in Sziget Festivals (in 2001,2002 and 2004), La notte di San Lorenzo in Milano, and11th European biennale of young artists in Athens, EXITin Novi Sad in 2004 and 2005, and featured in 2006 WorldMusic Expo, WOMEX.

In April 2006, the album reachedthe first position of World Music Charts Europe and ended up 3rd in the annual list.The band, particularly the frontman Dragan Ristić, arealso politically and socially engaged, fighting the prejudices and Anti-Roma sentiment. Dragan and his brotherDušan founded the Amala Summer School in Serbia, aworkshop of Romani language, history, culture heritage,and political power.

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