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The “Otelo” performance is based on the famous Shakespeare Tragedy, which for three centuries has been an inspiration for artists since it deals with eternal human topics – feeling of passion, fear, jealousy … and the universality of these feelings makes it easy They are transferring nowadays, so that, like other Shakespeare’s works, they provoke catharsis in the creative expression of modern art.
Shakespeare’s “Othello” at the Turkish Theater-Skopje is directed by Dejan Projkovski. The roles are interpreted by Jenap Samet, Susan Akbelge, Selpin Kerim, Osman Ali, Zubeide Ali and Neat Ali. The choreography is by Olga Pango, the scenography is by Tatjana Hristovska Blazevska, the music by Goran Trajkoski, and the costume design by Tanja Klaris.
The play will be performed with a subtitle in Macedonian language on the stage of Theater Comedy.

The Turkish Theatre, Skopje, Macedonia

Cast list:
Othello: Dženap Samet
Desdemona: Suzan Akbelge
Iago: Selpin Kerim
Cassio: Osman Ali
Emilia: Zubeyde Ali
Roderigo: Neat Ali
Creative list:
Writer: William Shakespeare
Director: Dejan Projkovski
Choreography: Olga Pango
Music: Goran Trajkoski
Scenography: Tatjana Hristoska Blaževska
Costume Design: Tanja Klaris
Translation: Özdemir Nutku
Senior Director Associate (first assistant): Sibel Abdiu
Director Associate (second assistant): Teodora Siljanoska
Scenography Assistant: Milan Nestorov
Kung Fu Master: Vlatko Zdravkovski
Language: Turkish
Running time: 100 minutes

Director’s Explication

I would like to dedicate this director’s explication to the cast members and all of our collaborators behind the scene who we create our common dreams with. This dedication is for the actors who understand us from a look in the eyes, breath, heartbeat… for the actors who live for the moment, for the incomprehensible, for the inexplicable, for the world which cannot be without our belief. For Selpin, Dženap, Susan, Zubeyde, Neat… for the actors we build and create dreams with. Every new play we create together confirms that there are still actors who work and live committed to the theatre… to the MOMENT that we create… the MOMENT called the theatre. This is the very reason why this is a director’s explanation for my cast members through whom we, I and you my dear audience, hear the

Dejan Projkovski
A classical tragedy of love, jealousy and intrigues as a passionate physical spectacle.
One of Macedonia’s leading directors Dejan Projkovski offers an unusual solution to Shakespeare’s classical tragedy “Othello” where love, jealousy and intrigues get intertwined with a fatal end. He chooses six emblematic characters and focuses his attention on their relations. The entire action is set in a pool symbolizing the tears of Desdemona who dies, guilty without guilt, from Othello’s hand. With much passion and physical expressiveness, a real tragedy about the destructive force of jealousy and human ambition unfolds before the spectators.
Director Dejan Projkovski graduated in Stage Directing at the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria. Currently he is the director of Macedonian National Theatre in Skopje.
Turkish Theatre in Skopje was founded 1950 and it was firstly named Minority’s National Theater. Since then it has functioned as a professional theatre of the Turkish and Albanian ethnic minorities in Macedonia.

National Institution Turkish Theatre, Skopje, Macedonia

The Turkish Drama, under the Theatre of Minorities in Skopje had its first opening in 1949, supported by the Executive Council of the City of Skopje. The opening performance was “A Suspicious person” by B. Nušić directed by Abdush Husein. In 1975 the theatre got its own building and official name – The Turkish Drama.
In 2004, the Government proclaimed the theatre as a National Institution.
In the course of its six decades of development, the theatre has produced over 280 premiere performances marked by its own distinctive stage expression and it is very well-positioned in the Macedonian cultural life. The Turkish Theatre has its own particular social and cultural structure and it contributes significantly to the affirmation of the multicultural Macedonian society. Today the Theatre enjoys a strong support from its audience and from politicians. The theatre works under financial and professional support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia.
The Turkish Theatre has co-produced performances with the Atelier 212 Theatre, Belgrade, Yugoslavia; the National Theatre, Marseilles, France; the City Theatres of Istanbul, Turkey; the Laborratorio Nove Firenze, Italy.

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