Festival premiere

“A Tomb for Boris Davidovich”, Novi Sad Theater

October 2, 2017 – Novi Sad Theater, 19 hours

The first premiere of the Novi Sad Theater / Ujvideki Szinhaz in the 2017/2018 season

The famous Kis’s text was dramatized by Erne Verebesh and directed by Aleksandar Popovski. The play is played by Gabriela Crnkovic, Emina Elor, Agota Ferenc, Atila Giric, Daniel Gombos, Daniel Husta, Silvia Križan, Istvan Kereši, Judith Laslo, Arpad Mesaros, Atila Nemet, Gabor Pongo and Zoltan Širmer. Choreographer is Ista Stepanov, composer Marjan Necak (http://www.marjannecak.com/), the director is the director and costume designer Snezana Pesic (http://fud.edu.rs/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/snezana_pesic -rajic.pdf).

Aleksandar Popovski: “We will not rush to the audience. Everyone is already pushing it hard enough … We’re looking for an atom, a crushed atom of a desire for justice, a humanity atom … Because it keeps us people. He does our biography to ours. We wonder how much I can go through this world today without getting frustrated, that there are no muds on my boots … To pass life without a lot of mud on shoes or choose to wear boots and go through life … The choice is yours. .. The limb between is the atom we are looking for … My personal biography … “

Erne Verebesh: “Who is Boris Davidovich? Everyone, and nobody. Just when you think you’ve caught it, you recognize it, it turns out that he is not. And the revolution is running … I wanted to finally get to know what this character looks like, but I did not succeed in that. “


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