THE LAST FLIGHT- Confessions of an Artist

the Israeli Youth Theatre, Shaul Tiktiner, Tel Aviv (Israel)

7th November 2018, Novi Sad Theatre, large scene 19h
( Duration 1,40h)

Text: Zinivoy SAGALOV

Director: Shaul TIKTINER

Stage design: Oleg FIRER

Stage design assistant:Valentina FIRER

Composer: Ala Dancig

Lighting design and music editor: Bogdan ČISTIK


Artist: Shaul TIKTINER

Angel 1: Jelena KAHONOVER

Angel 2: Valerij KLASEN

Angel 3: Boris GORELIK

About the play

Confession of the artist:

In spite of all the difficulties of our world, I managed to preserve a part of that rich spiritual love in which I was raised and the faith in a man who met love. In our life, as well as on the painting palette, there is only one color that can give meaning to life and art – the color of love.

Marc Chagall
These words could be the epigraph of the play set for the anniversary of the theater based on the work of Zinoviy Sagalov, Flights with an angel.
The performance is about a fateful destiny, about art and love, life and death of a unique 20th century artist, Marc Chagall.

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