THE SAINT ANDREA GOSPEL, Serbian Theater from Budapest/Hungary


The Serbian civic professional theatre has nearly two centuries-old tradition in Hungary. As a matter of fact, it was founded in Hungary.

“The following Tuesday,  on the day of August 24,  with the permission of the Superb royal governor council  gracious , one Dilettant  Serbian  group, on behalf of the  Saint Andrew  Serbian Preparandia Institute, will perform at the Hungarian play stage.  The play will be accomplished in Serbian language and in 3  acts, under the Serbian name: KRESTALITZA ( parrot), beginning at  7 o’clock.”

Joakim Vujic , so called “the father of the Serbian theatre” ,was born in the Hungarian little town, Baja, where his father was the Orthodox priest.  He was a good friend of  István Balogh, the famous Hungarian actor at that time ,  and at times, he was teaching in Szentendre. The beginning of his involvement  in the theatre life was actually from   July 22, 1813, when Joakim Vujic asked for a permission from sunshiny Jozsef, to perform the play in Serbian language for the beneficent purposes – for the Serbian students who had been studing in Budapest.  ( István Balog and  Ádám Láng also had signed this request).

This was the world premiere of the Serbian professional acting.  István Balogh was acting as well, and,  apart  from the Hungarian association’s stage master(scenarist),  Tamás Fehér,   Julianna Balog and Tamas Feher were also acting, as they spoke fluent Serbien.  The theatre  life of both nations, Hungarian and Serbian, started to improve, to increase , their acting started to grow in symbiosis… until Joakim Vujic left Hungary and went to the Serbian royal court.

The Serbian community in Hungary hopes that on the 200. anniversary a decent play stage  will be extanted  in Budapest, the play stage where one nationality would be able to celebrate the anniversary of  its own theathre    – the jubilee of  Serbian theatre world premiere.


Directorate: 1065 Budapests, Nagymező u. 49.
Depot: 2309 Lórév, Dózsa Gy. 79.
Telephone: 06-30-653-1871


Managing Director: Milán Rusz

Artistic secretary: Éva Siskovity

Lecturer and assistant director: Katarina Bacsi Pavlovic

Technical leader: Lajos Mezei

On the occasion of the minorities’ day, December 18. 2007, the Hungarian Institute for Culture and Art, have donated the honoruable reward, PRO CULTURA MINORITATUM HUNGARIAE, to the Serbian Theatre in Hungary. This reward has been given annualy to the institutions, as well as individuals of the national minorities, for their efforts and hard work with maintaining and protecting the vernacular language and culture. On behalf of the Serbian Theatre in Hungary, the prize PRO CULTURA MINORITATUM HUNGARIAE 2007 , was received by Milán Rusz, an actor, and also the Managing Director of the Serbian Theatre.

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