Festival premiere


Novi Sad Theater and Koper Theater, Duration of performance: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Text: Carlo GOLDONI

Director: Jaka IVANC

Translation:Srečko FIŠER

Authors of text adaptation: Ira RATEJ, Jaka IVANC, Jure KARAS (song)

Set designer: Greta GODNIČ

Costume designer: Andrej VRHOVNIK

Coreography: Miha KRUŠIČ

Music author:Davor HERCEG












About the co-production

This summer the Novi Sad Theater and the Koper Theater got united in work on a play. The Vantilator is inspired Carlo Goldoni’s The Fan, directed by Jaka Ivanc, who is known to our audience for the play The Bug, a text by Mladen Popovic, which was performed in the official selection of the Sterijino pozorje several years ago.
The collaboration of two theaters, began a few years ago when the Koper Theater visited us to see our Opera Ultima. Then mutual visits followed: the exceptional Steel Magnolias and the hilarious Alan Ford came to our theater and our Black , Neoplanta and Piaf Marche visited Koper.

About the play

Carlo Goldoni wrote The Fan in the summer of 1763 for the Italian comedy in Paris. It is a typical comedy of plot, and thedirector Jaka Ivanc will set it as a play about the end of civilization, in the ruins of the world, destroyed by global warming and various other attacks on nature. In such circumstances, people have only one reason to live – love. There will be a lot of music and misunderstandings that will try to get solved in three, even four languages ​​… Ventilator is a hilarious comedy based on the text of The Fan by Carl Goldoni, located in a post-apocalyptic environment where only the most suicidal people of the civilization – Hungarians and Slovenes survived. Candid breaks her fan, and her lover, instead of a fan, buys her a ventilator … Running in circles, this magical object creates an ever growing chaos … And of course in the end, true love survives even the apocalypse…

About the theater: Koper Theater

Although the Koper Theater is considered to be the youngest professional theater in Slovenia, the theater life in this city has a long tradition. Historical sources state that Koper had a theater in the time of the Venetian Republic in 1878. The founding of the first Slavic reading room and the 1907 drama group Istra was right here. At the beginning of the First World War, the Drama Group ceased its work, and with the later attachment of this area to Italy, all Slavic cultural life diminished. By establishing cultural institutions in Koper, in the early 1950s, two professional theaters were founded in 1951: the Slovensko ljudsko gledališče and the Teatro del Popolo Capodistria, which had to close their doors three years later. The first professional theater – Gledališče Slovenskega Primorja Koper – was established in 1954, but it also ceased to exist in 1958. In the following years and decades, there were more attempts to revive professional theater activity. Only in 2000, the city of Koper decided to establish a professional theater in Koper, which began to function professionally on January 1, 2001.
Gledališče Koper Teatro Capodistria each year has at least five premieres and it performs two-thirds of it plays as guest apperances. In the past decade, the theater got a reputation that is opened to various authorial approaches and directorial poetics. A special place in the repertoire of the Koper Theater is taken by co-production with theaters in Slovenia and abroad. Among the most successful are: Alan Ford with Chamber Theater 55 from Sarajevo, and a Barufa by Carlo Goldoni and Predrag Lucić, which has teamed up four theater companies from three countries – the Koper Theater, the Slovene National Theater Nova Gorica from Slovenia, the Slovene Permanent Theater Trieste and the Istrian National Theater – from Pula,Croatia.
The theater, which has been managed by the director Katja Pegan since its foundation, has been featured at all major Slovene theater festivals, theaters in the former Yugoslav republics, and in Italy, France and Romania, having received numerous prestigious awards and awards for their performances.

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